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Behavioral Change

Today's youth can end up facing a plethora of struggles on the road to adulthood. Inappropriate expression of emotions, acting out and substance experimentation are but a few of the symptoms that can signal deep distress. I provide adolescents with a safe place to air their feelings. Among other things, we work on communication skills and coping mechanisms aimed at fostering self-esteem so they can have the best possible chance of reaching their
full potential.

~ Behavioral issues

~ Impulsivity

~ Peer relationships

~ Risk-taking

~ Self-esteem issues

~ Anger

~ Underachievement

& Parenting

As a parent, spouse and daughter I have had to navigate some of the very same life struggles my client's face. My experiences of actual "living" have prepared me well for understanding any relationship or parenting issues you might be facing. I regularly counsel couples and families who start out in the throes of a crisis and then discover that through deep commitment and hard work they are able to transcend what feels like an insurmountable situation.

~ Couples therapy (EFT)

~ Family therapy

~ Relationship issues

~ Divorce

~ Co-dependency

~ Infidelity

~ Trust issues

~ Communication

~ Co-parenting

~ Intimacy


Emotional Issues

Anxiety, depression or any previous trauma can all leave a person feeling hopeless and overwhelmed. But what if these symptoms of distress, or troubled ways of acting out, are actually nothing more than an important message it was time for us to hear? As painful as they are to bear, emotional symptoms can often have a positive motive behind them which is aimed at getting our attention. Heeding the call and actually attending to pain offers us the best chance possible at long-lasting relief.

~ Depression

~ Anxiety

~ Trauma and PTSD

~ Grief

~ Anger

~ Emotional issues

~ Shame

~ Panic disorders



Self Improvement & Exploration

You want and need to feel good about yourself and your life, including your identity, career, health and relationships. Over time and by working together with me, you will have an opportunity to gain self-awareness and a deeper understanding not only of yourself but others around you. This will allow you to arrive at a position of greater clarity and to make more informed and conscious choices about how you might wish to conduct your life and actualize your dreams.

~ Women's issues

~ Career challenges

~ Body image

~ Mindfulness

~ Self-actualization

~ Aging & Self-care

~ Self-esteem

~ Stress management

~ Relationship insight



Our day to day lives can present any number of difficulties. They can sometimes hit us all at once, which can be particularly painful, or arise as we move through life’s many stages. As a psychotherapist, below are the areas where I have professional counseling and psychotherapy experience, including couples and family therapy using EFT.


Phone: (424) 262-0610 
326 S. Pacific Coast Highway  | Suite 207  |  Redondo Beach, CA. 90277
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (MFC96692)


Marriage counselor, help with marriage, help for depression, anxiety, self esteem help
Marriage counselor, help with marriage, help for depression, anxiety, self esteem help
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